In-House Diagnostics and Bloodwork

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Our veterinarian near San Diego offers an in-house testing lab for your equine.

Blood tests are an essential part of diagnosing what is ailing your horse, just as they are in human medicine. Blood tests can tell the veterinarian a myriad of things, from whether your horse is dehydrated to whether he or she has anemia to whether they are suffering from cancer.

Common Blood Tests Used by Veterinarians

Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells are used to determine a number of factors. The packed red blood cell count can detect a condition called polycythemia. A high count indicates dehydration, while a low count can be an indicator of anemia. 

The hemoglobin concentration test measures the oxygen-carrying capacity of your horse’s blood, and the red blood cell count can tell your vet how well your horse’s body is functioning. 

White Blood Cells

Testing the white blood cells is equally useful. A high white blood cell count is indicative of infection, whereas a low white blood cell count can mean a weakened immune system.

Benefits of In-House Diagnostics and Bloodwork

When your horse is sick, you don't want to wait days to get the results of blood tests and start his or her treatment. Neither do you want to drive all around San Diego from the vet's office to the lab and back. 

Our in-house diagnostic lab decreases the time and energy necessary to get your horse the blood tests he or she needs. Plus, you'll get the results much more quickly than if you use an outside lab. We also believe it's easier for your horse to only deal with one technician and one visit than to have him or her visit two separate facilities.

Having a sick horse can be a scary thing. After all, they are part of the family. Anderson Equine Clinic wants to ease some of your anxiety and get your horse on the road to wellness quickly. That's why we've invested in an in-house diagnostic lab. 

Call us today at 800-462-8749 to learn more about our in-house testing lab or to make an appointment for your horse.

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